Welcome to the Information Centre. This section contains information on solar energy, the Ontario Feed-in Tariff Program and notices related to the Belleville South Solar Project.

Notices and Events:

Date Name of Document or Event
July 6, 2012 Notice of Application and Written Hearing
  Avis de Requete et D'Audience Ecrite
March 14, 2012 Renewable Energy Application Form and Approval
March 2, 2012 Wellwater Monitoring Program
December 15, 2011 Project Change Table
December 15, 2011 Updated Reports
November 23, 2011 Updated Reports
November 23, 2011 Notice of a Proposal
March 25, 2011 Notice of a Final Public Meeting
November 29, 2010 Updated FAQ
November 26, 2010 Project Update
July 22, 2010 Notice of a Proposal and Public Meeting